3 Ways to Magnify Respect in your Relationship

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Each day we find more and more reasons to develop distance in our relationships.  We all are challenged for time and attention.  Careers, children, hobbies, side jobs and other things are grasping for our mind-share.  We can easily lose focus on those that care about us the most.  We have to have time to devote our attention, focus and resources to those we cherish the most:  our mates.  Here are 3 ways to magnify the attention and in turn show each other the respect we deserve in our relationships:


I work with many people who often list lack of support (emotional, spiritual, financial and psychological) as one of the most impactful challenges in their relationships.  Support is a two-way street.  Men must support their wives dreams and ambitions just as they expect to be supported.  I also have seen many men who don’t support the day to day activities of their wives and it’s important to be there to ask how things are going, and yet be there to pick up the kids or groceries as well.  Both parties must be willing to be the sounding board to allow the other to vent and blow off steam as they may have had stressful days.  Marriage and relationships are about the mutual support we give each other to make the other person’s life better—which inherently makes the relationship better.

Couple Doing Home FinanceShow Interest in Your Partner’s Endeavors

Whether your mate is an entrepreneur, working in retail or a Fortune 500 executive, it’s essential to show interest in what they are doing.  It’s more than saying “I care,” it’s really about being involved in their thoughts and feelings about their careers.  Think of marriage as a mini-mastermind group.  If there is something you can offer to your partner which could help their business grow or simply help them deal with their boss a little better, that’s a conversation you can have which shows your interest.  I should preface by saying don’t have this conversation with someone who is venting—it’s an art to discover when to talk and when to be quiet.  Listening to someone vent requires silence on your part.  Pay close attention and care about what is going on in your mate’s career.  Show a concerted level of interest and they will respect the fact you are paying attention to their lives.

Do Not Take Your Partner for Granted

One of the early signs of challenges in relationships and marriages is that one person (or both) will start to take the other for granted.  Disregard is the opposite of respect.  Once you begin to disregard the other person, you are showing a sign to your mate that you don’t respect their wants and needs.  Often, this is not a conscious choice.  It’s a matter of accepting routine and not making it a point to prioritize your mate’s needs above your own.  A very simple way to not take your mate for granted is to ask them at least once a day, every day “What can I do for you?” Another way to say it might be “Do you need anything?”  Add the term of endearment of your choice and now you have a recipe for appreciation, consideration and reverence to your mate—all of which are a part of the definition of the word respect.

These are 3 ways to magnify respect in your relationship, but there are many others.  What other things can you think of to remind your mate how much you care for them and that you respect who they are and what they do?

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