3 Ways to Show Love Every Day of the Year

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This is the month everyone talks about love.  Kids are asking other kids to “Be My Valentine.”   Wedding proposals are taking place all across the country and some are even taking it a step further and getting married on February 14.  Florists are inundated with last minute requests and jewelry stores have larger inventories because this is the time we are expected to show how much we love someone.  It’s essential to think about how you show love to that special someone.  If they don’t receive what you’re showing, you are wasting effort and they don’t feel any more loved than they did when you sent them a message they didn’t receive.

Bouquet of rosesHonor

If you have read my book, any of my work here on my page or my articles around the web you know I put an extreme emphasis on honor.  I think honor is such a lost component of relationships.  In just about every facet of our lives, we have to honor someone, so why wouldn’t we have the same standard at home?  At work, you have to honor your management.  At church, you honor your pastor.  The military honors rank; from private to the five-star general, honor is paramount.  Finally, regardless of political affiliation, we all honor the President of the United States.

Gentlemen, we must honor our wives in a way that is becoming to our relationships.  We often talk about our relationships in the same sense of a “kingdom” mentality.  Men claim to be the king of their castle.  That’s fine, but women are our Queens.  How you treat her in the company of others (and in private as well) speaks volumes to showing your love for her.  Serve her all year round, not only on 2/14.  If you have to pick up something at a store or restaurant, always consider her.  If you want something, consider what she NEEDS and wants before yours.  When you put her needs higher than your needs, you put her in a place of honor.  Consistently show your love in honor.


I was speaking with a good friend and she told me something that someone was dating once said to her.  They were sitting in a car and she reached to lock her door.  He said, “You don’t have to lock the door, no one will bother you while I’m here.”  You could hear the passion in her voice as she said, “I LOVE THAT!”  Women want to feel secure in each and every way.  They want to feel secure financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Men, if you want to show your love and receive that same unconditional love in return, do everything possible to soothe your lady’s security gene.  Examples include, paying the bills, being open and honest about your relationships and interactions with other women, being the spiritual leader in your household and literally securing the perimeter of your house (fences, locks, alarms, smoke detectors, etc.).  Show her you love her by making it a point to show her she’s secure in your care.


Loyalty is another lost concept in our culture.  No one stays at a job for thirty years anymore as there is no loyalty on either the side of the employer-employee relationship.  We definitely lack loyalty in our personal relationships.  I think we struggle with loyalty as a society.  This is a common misconception which you should not this interfere with the good thing you have going on.  All women want a man who is loyal to them.  Men want a woman who shows an undeniable loyalty to them as well.  Loyalty is not a bad word—loyalty is powerful!  It’s a word that reiterates when times get tough, you will work through it-together!  I think loyalty is the love that endures when the friends and money leave and you’re left out on your own.  The husband or wife that stays around when you lose your job, your benefits, your health, your savings…that’s loyalty, which is sometimes tough to find in 2014.  If you have it, hold on to it!  Loyalty is showing you love through the great times and the rough times, no matter what.

Spend your time showing your mate you love them by honoring their position in your life and all they do.  Make them feel secure (men, especially let’s make our women feel very secure).  Be loyal in your relationships.  Be consistent and committed with these traits in your relationships and you will show your mate you love them each and every day throughout your lives.

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