5 Traits of a Long-Lasting Relationship

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Attraction will always be in the eye of the beholder.  What makes one woman sexy to me might make her repulsive to you and vice versa.  There are always going to be traits and characteristics in people which draw us closer to them.  I want to give you five traits that are absolutely essential to any long-lasting relationship:


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Relationships require people who know how to talk to each other.  If you can’t interest your mate with your conversation, what will you have when physical attractiveness fades?  You want to be your mate’s best friend and the way you do that is by how you interact and talk to each other.  Great conversation (which will be different for each couple) is important to have a strong bond and great relationship.


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If you really want to build a strong bond with your mate, put them and their needs first.  This isn’t always easy because selflessness of yourself to your mate requires sacrifice of your human nature.  Self-preservation is the first law of nature, but not the first law of marriage.  Put your mate first and you will enjoy their company for years to come.

Being Present in the Moment

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There is no question we have to spend quality time with each other.  The deeper fact is that we must be physically, mentally and emotionally present with our mates.  Being in the room doesn’t count if you’re emotionally on the golf course or at work.  When you give your mate your undivided attention, it shows that you care.  Being present is the “quality” in quality time.


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I’m a Christian, so my faith tells me that Christ is the ultimate comforter.  I think we are to walk in His example and in our relationships, we have to be there to comfort each other.  The world is going to be harsh and unforgiving at times.  It will seem like no one has your back.  When those times show up, that’s when you want to be the person that comforts when no one else is there for your mate.


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Relationships are often built on many reasons other than friendship.  At the end of the day, our spouse has to become our best friend.  We make decisions together.  We live, work, play, eat and sleep together.  You want your friend to be your spouse.  Friends work together to come up with ideas, solve problems and have each other’s back.  You will grow and love life more when your partner is your best friend.

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