5 Unconventional Gifts for Mom or the Mother in Your Life

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Mother's Day,Mother and son, AfricanMother’s Day is fast approaching and if like many of us you don’t know what to get for your mother or you are considering opting for old classics like flowers or candy, here are some options to consider to make your Mom, or another fantastic mother in your life have a great mother’s day:

Day at the Spa

I have yet to find a woman who doesn’t enjoy a day at the spa.  From Massages to a Milk Bath, there’s definitely something that can provide some rest and relaxation for the busy mother in your life.  She will appreciate your thoughtfulness with a gift to your local spa.

Take Mom to a Live Event

Mothers are people too!  They love to go out and do things with family and friends.  Check and see if there is a play in town she might enjoy or a concert with her favorite artist.  Mother’s Day is a celebration of Moms and there is no better way to celebrate than with live music, dancing or acting.

Take a Short Trip

For many moms, they really would be happy with a day away from their routine.  Take them out of town on a day getaway.  It could be lunch in a city close by at a restaurant they have never been to.  An option could be an overnight stay in a city with lots of shopping and a day of shopping before returning home.

Offer a Day of Your Service

Some mothers just want their environment to be “in order” as they would like for it to be.  You can offer a day of service which could include painting the house, mowing their lawn, helping to renovate a certain area or any number of things she would like to see corrected throughout the home.

Have a Party!

Lots of moms have friends they don’t get a chance to spend enough time with.  Set up a brunch, early afternoon dinner or maybe a wine-tasting at a vineyard or event where all of your mom’s friends can be invited and get together to enjoy each other’s company.


Mother’s Day is about celebrating motherhood and giving moms an opportunity to know how much her family and friends care about the sacrifice and contribution she has made to help others.  Showing her the love and appreciation in a new and creative way is something she will treasure for the rest of her life.

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