Do You Allow Your Relationship to be Refreshed?

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As I write this, I was just listening to a sermon talking about how much God likes new things.  One scripture reads, “Behold, I make all things new.”  This is an essential mindset for our relationships.  We get satisfied and complacent with where we are in the context of our relationship.  People often begin living a routine they have been doing so long, they don’t know anything else and people are often scared to try anything else.  The body, spirit and mind have to be constantly refreshed.  The same is true of our relationships.  If we allow our relationships to become complacent, we start to look for outside influences to relieve that complacency.  We have to understand that keeping things fresh and new is our responsibility.

Couple Putting On In Line Skates In ParkHave you ever seen an older couple who is still in love after 40, 50 or 60+ years of marriage?  They still enjoy each others company and they are still happy and loving each other just like the day they met.  Much of that is because they don’t make things routine and monotonous.  I see stories of men who wrote love letters, or took their wives on short trips or one couple who is in their late 70’s that works out and runs miles together most every day.  They even teach a fitness class!  They are interacting with new people and speaking about fitness daily.  They have a passion to keep their lives fresh and invigorated.

Newness is the revitalization of the mind and spirit on a daily basis.  You have to want to be restored, and you must allow and work for restoration to take place.  Our daily restoration should manifest into our relationships.  You may have jobs where every day is the same and it’s simply a rat race on a hamster wheel that doesn’t seem to get you anywhere.  If you have to live that out for a while to make a living, that’s ok.  I would task the husbands with making it a point to take control of the situation and do something different.  It can be something as simple as a water-gun fight (make sure she didn’t just get her hair done—and if she did don’t blame me for the repercussions) to relieve the monotony.  Take up yoga, work on doing a 5k together and maybe even try fishing!  Do something, anything to make a change and spend some time together.

My favorite idea for finding something to do is to find what your mate has a passion for, and help them do that!  My lady’s passion is her business, All Things Curly.  I want to do everything I can to help her business be as successful as possible (probably to a fault if you were to ask her).  I’m there to be an assistant, cashier, whatever she needs when I can be there for her.  We get to spend quality time going places around the country and every day our relationship is refreshed doing a new and different thing!

Israel Houghton wrote a song call “Moving Forward.”  The chorus says, “You make all things new, yes you make all things new and I will follow you forward!”  There’s a lesson in these words:  even the creator of our universe doesn’t stand still.  We have to follow Him forward.  Let’s apply this wisdom in our relationships.  Several of the people I have coached have been in places where they felt the relationship was standing still, or even going backwards.  Take control!  Do something new, fun, different, fresh, enlightening and positive for your mate and your relationship.

What specific things can you do to refresh your relationship?


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