Financial Friday: How Giving Actually Increases Our Own Lives

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The Power of Giving

Of all of the characteristics of our financial lives, I believe giving to others is the most underrated, most overlooked and most gratifying component of our financial lives. When we give to other people it does something to us physically, emotionally and often spiritually. When people give from the heart, they show their selflessness and compassion for other people. There’s nothing in this world that compares quite like giving to assist another.

Incredibly Fulfilling

At our core, we are built to help each other. As parents, we have to raise our children. We have to nurture and teach them everything we can to help them be productive citizens. Then those young adults work with other adults who help them design their lives—by helping each other. We learn we don’t have much choice but to rely on each other. Financial giving is an extension of our nature to serve. We can serve many ways and many times it’s more important to serve in a capacity other than financially. The takeaway is when we give and help others we are fulfilling our spirit of servitude. Think about the times you have done something for someone and walked away feeling like this person was so appreciative and thankful of what you did, but you were more than happy to help them. That’s the fulfilling relationship of freely giving.

Child with piggy bank, 9Tenets.comExample for Children

Parents all want their children to be intelligent with money. Many schools don’t teach classes on personal finance or wealth creation. Therefore, we work to try to set guidelines for our children handle money.

Much of what they learn comes from our discussions, but also from watching how we manage our finances. It’s important to not only teach children about budgeting, saving and spending, but to teach them about giving. When children learn to give, they learn to be selfless.

For example, my young daughter pays her own offering at church. She has developed a strong spirit of giving, to the point that when the offering is collected, she wants to give and is prepared to give before she leaves home. She realizes that giving doesn’t keep her from gaining, it adds to someone else’s life. Give in front of your children and give with your children and they will build those good habits as well.

Paying it Forward

As Americans, we are blessed in so many great ways. We have our freedom, access to health care, good schools, paved roads, clean water, many forms of accessible transportation, and the list goes on and on. We should not take this for granted. We must realize that someone paved the way for us. Their sacrifices are the foundation our lives are built on. Our founding fathers, my great-great-Grandmother that was a slave, the civil rights movement, the equal rights movement, so many have sacrificed and “paid it forward,” monetarily and otherwise that we should realize we are compelled to do so.

We are compelled to pay it forward in many ways, but specifically financially, we must help where we can to continue progress where we can. If it’s an Alumnus at a school who can assist in a small way with funds for building a new building or if it’s buying someone food because they don’t have anything to eat that night, both of those are helping our society move forward in a positive way.

We can’t grow, learn or build with a closed hand.

We have to open our hands to help others. We must open our hands to help pull us all up together as we build a better tomorrow in the 21st century. Paying it forward is something we all must do. The great thing about it is, you will be glad you did.

Giving has many financial rewards, including tax write-offs. Charitable giving will allow you to write off what amounts to 20-30% of the charitable gift depending on your personal tax situation. That’s a great benefit we are offered which many other countries do not offer. As great as that benefit is, giving should be based on the condition of your heart and not tax ramifications.

Giving is a privilege. As a Christian, I’m compelled by scripture to give my tithe. The awesome thing about being “compelled” so to speak is that I want to tithe. I freely choose to tithe. Giving is now a part of what I do and I want to do it. When you give with the spirit of no reciprocity needed, that’s when you get the most reciprocity ever…you are given the gift to serve another human being in unconditional love.

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