How Do You Handle Your Patience Being Tested?

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Ready Wait Signpost Means Prepared  and WaitingPatience requires a faith that things will work out as you plan or expect them to.  Patience is necessary in every relationship.  Everyone has different levels of patience and to take that one step farther, everyone has different levels of patience according to the particular situation, circumstances and consequences.  Patience in and of itself is a complicated facet of our lives.  The simple ability to be able to wait is contrary to lifestyles in 2014.  We don’t have to wait on anything anymore.  We don’t have to wait until we get home to talk to someone.  We don’t have to wait until we get home to check our email.  We don’t even have to wait for a man or woman to find us, we can go find one online any time of day or night and start having a conversation which could lead to a relationship.  The lack of developing patience is making patience a lost art.

Testing is a Good Thing

I once heard a line in a movie the character said, “When someone prays for patience, it is granted by giving them an opportunity to be patient.”  There is truth in this line.  What we have to see is that opportunity is often going to show up in our relationships.  Your patience will be tested over and over again in your relationship.  Not long ago, my fiancée and I had a disagreement in our relationship.  My patience was definitely tested.  That test made for a long, quiet drive together from another city.  What I realized during those hours of contemplative thought was that it didn’t matter whether I was right or wrong.  What really mattered was that she was happy and our issues were settled before the day was done.  Although my patience was tested, what was most important was that we keep things in the proper perspective and one moment of disagreement did not damage our relationship.  Having a level of patience allowed me to think about what was really important and not make rash or hasty judgments which would have impacted us negatively.


Patience inherently requires silence.  Being patient means you are delaying your reaction.  Being patient also means you are watching, listening and learning what is happening while you are waiting.  You can’t be vocal if you are watching and listening.  Patience is going to require us to use our eyes and ears much more and voice our thoughts and opinions much less.  There are times when you simply have to wait.  Waiting requires stillness and stillness initiates silence.  You can’t have patience without silence.  For me, I’m a former sales-person, a writer and a speaker.  I always have something to say.  What I have studied and learned is that I simply can’t be quiet only to gather my thoughts and respond as soon as someone stops talking.  I have to be quiet and listen patiently and respond so I can hear what they are saying and trying to express.  In relationships, for singles and married couples and personal or business relationships, we must learn to develop patience for the greater good of the relationship.  Even when a conversation or situation is not going as you expect—wait—listen—don’t react or respond immediately.  It’s often when you wait an extra second to hear what someone says, or an extra second to compose your thoughts is when you have your moment of clarity.  Often, those few seconds of silence are what helps to build patience in your character.


If you have faith, you can develop patience.  Hebrews 11 (KJV) reads “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Faith is evidence of what we can’t see.  Faith and patience are cousins but the words are intertwined with each other.  Having a high level of patience requires me to recognize things will work out for the best.  If I didn’t have faith to believe this, there is no one on earth who could have patience.  Whether it’s fighting an illness or simply getting through a conversation with a mate, faith is the presence which allows me to be silent, listen and wait on clarity, a call to action or whatever is called for in the circumstance.  You can’t have faith without patience and you can’t have patience without faith.  If you feed your faith and learn to believe in your foundation for your needs (for me, that’s my creator), you will have no choice but to develop patience.  This translates into patience across your relationships, businesses and all areas of your life.

The test of your patience is actually the construction of your character.  Embrace it!  Patience is still a virtue, even in the year 2014.


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