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I decided to start this blog in support of my upcoming book, “The 9 Tenets of a Successful Relationship (for Singles).” I think it’s interesting to hear different people’s take on relationships, which is why I wrote a book, and why I’m doing this blog. So let’s get right into it…

I know a woman who basically runs over her husband. Realistically, he’s only there for one reason, which is the only thing she can’t do for herself, and that reason is probably on life support. I also know a couple who are polar opposites of the first couple, it’s his world, and she’s just living in it. The first couple, well…that’s not working so well. The second couple is just fine and happy and both are loving life. Can someone who is “under the thumb” so to speak be happy with their relationship or is her compliance with his domineering behavior an expression of her lack of self esteem? Could my homegirl in the first example be getting tired of being allowed to run the show?

These are the types of things I’m going to address here. My book, “9 Tenets” deals with these topics. The thing is, one can only touch on so much in the confines of a book, so I want to get more discussion on the topic. I will touch on all of the tenets as we go through time, but one definite thing is you have to communicate well for your relationship to thrive and that is lacking in both instances above. I wrote my book with Singles in mind (since I am single and most of my perspectives are from that of single people in my book), but much of these things will deal with single, dating, engaged, married and even divorced people. In the cases above, one couple is not very happy, and the only communication is the woman talking down to the man. The other relationship works, because both parties accept it. The challenge in this relationship is a delicate one. A man HAS to be a man, so sometimes being the head of the household will require making tough decisions. A man also HAS to love his wife like Christ loves the Church, to paraphrase scripture. So fellas, you can “run the show” so to speak, but run the show with compassion, love, honor and respect, and she will love you even more for it. In both cases, communication from a place of love and respect would make both of these situations better.

Ok, we made it through the first post. It can only get better from here! Hope you enjoy it…capiche?

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Jay Hurt is the author of The 9 Tenets of a Successful Relationship-for Singles. Personal experience, a liberation through faith and an appreciation for his perspective led Jay to share his insight on relationships. Dealing with challenging topics by confronting them with faith and common sense, Jay aspires to share wisdom to help others become fulfilled and blessed in their relationships. Jay lives in Nashville, TN and has two daughters, Kristina and Jalen.

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