What are the 9 Tenets?

*TENET #1 Work on Your Relationship Constantly for it to Thrive
You will have to make a concerted effort to have a successful relationship. This chapter will touch on ways to work on your relationship on a consistent basis.

*TENET #2 Communicate Clearly and Effectively
Understanding how we communicate with each other is crucial. We will address how to hear each other as well as how to talk to each other in this chapter.

*TENET #3 Listen to Your Own Advice
Often we let our emotional attachment override the common sense we were blessed with. We will discuss using discernment to separate the feeling of being needed as opposed to the feeling of truly being loved and appreciated. We know these things innately when we share our opinions with others. We must apply it to our own situations.

*TENET #4 Do Not Live with Someone Before Marriage
Cohabitation is often a precursor to disaster in relationships. Commitment in covenant is one of the foundations of a successful relationship.

*TENET #5 Show Appreciation
Everyone wants to be appreciated.  Take the time to make the extra effort to show how much we appreciate each other.

*TENET #6 Decide if You Can Live with the Flaws
No one is perfect, no matter how beautiful, charming, intelligent or classy they are. This chapter will touch on imperfection and how to deal with it.

*TENET #7 Continue to Date Throughout the Relationship
Discussion about how to avoid developing a routine which entails taking each other for granted.

*TENET #8 Concentrate on Growing Together
This chapter will speak to how developing a path to your dreams and aspirations is vital to the success of your relationship.

*TENET #9 Love, Honor and Respect
The essence of a successful relationship is explored in this chapter.  Loving someone in every way, honoring them as though you are in covenant and respecting that person the same as you expect to
receive respect is synonymous with success.