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A couple of years ago, I re-started an exercise, which was posting my objectives on an annual basis.  One of my aspirations was to be married by the end of that year.  I had a huge “post-it note” type of sticker attached to the wall in my bedroom.  Every morning, I awoke looking at that sticker, and every night I went to sleep looking at that sticker.  It was a constant reminder of what I wanted and that reminder kept me motivated.

The essence of this exercise was to keep what really mattered at the top of my mind.  It’s important to note, the accomplishment is rarely as valuable to our lives as the journey it takes to get there.  The same applies to all of us.  Let’s discuss what the work really looks like.

Big Post it noteWhat do you want to accomplish?

In my life, I feel it’s time for me to serve.  I want to serve those in relationships with my writing, speaking, workshops and coaching.  More specifically, I wanted to write for three major online brands.  Expressing what I want is important because it shows I have something tangible to point to in my plan for this season.  You have to know exactly what it is you want to do.  Write and post your specific objectives.

Be bold with your objectives!  If you want to go to Harvard, dig 50 wells in Africa, work for Google or learn how to build websites…whatever the mission is, write it down and go for it!  This is the time to put it out there for the world to see (at least in your bedroom, or wherever is good for you) that you have something you are setting out to accomplish and it starts right now!

Why do you want to do this? 

Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas says, “My why wakes me up every morning.”  Let me share what my “why” is.  One of the reasons I started relationship coaching was that I did not want my daughters to have to go through many of the missteps because they didn’t get the right information.  That’s why I do what I do.  What is your why?  What motivates you to accomplish your objectives?  Desires are important, but if there’s not an underlying reason why we do what we do, the journey is empty and the mission is not a mission at all.  The reason behind the journey is often more important than the accomplishment itself.  Be fully aware of why you want to take this mission.

How do you make it happen?

I knew I wanted to write articles, but I had no idea how to go about it.  I decided to simply ask.  Now, I write for two of the three major brands I mentioned earlier and I’m in contact with the third company, with more opportunities to come.  Recently, I asked to be on a TV show (quite randomly) and they agreed to have me on!  In some cases, it may take more than asking, it make take building a resume, doing research, pitching your vision or whatever the criteria for your situation, but the bottom line is to follow #8 from this list.  Fear is keeping you from getting past the rejection to get to your objective.  The more rejection I experience, the closer I am to my accomplishment.

When are you going to get started and expect to finish?

I have to go harder this year.  I have bigger responsibilities and bigger dreams.  Even so, I have a timetable around my objectives.  If you don’t have a time frame to reference, you can’t track your progress.  If you don’t reach the target in the allotted time, don’t give up!  It simply means analyze where you are, revise accordingly and reset your timetable.  Putting a time frame on your objectives also reminds you that you may not be where you want to be quite yet, but you’re much farther ahead than you used to be, which will enhance your confidence along the way.

It’s Up to Youliving-your-dreams

As I mentioned, don’t give up on your objectives.  Back to my example in the first paragraph:  I didn’t get married that year, but what happened was, I took it more seriously and I got closer to the objective, now it’s a matter of time.  Now, it’s on you to make it happen!  Write a book, start a company, go on a mission trip, influence pop culture, date more frequently or do whatever it is that you plan to do.  Persevere, stay faithful, make some mistakes, celebrate successes and live out your dreams!

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